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Our Story

Eliza Bautista is a UK jewellery brand offering stylish, contemporary affordable luxury jewellery pieces to the discerning customer.  Design and quality are our focus in both our jewellery and home accessories collection.

Bridging the gap between high street fashion and expensive fine jewellery, all our pieces are made with 925 sterling silver. They also come in 18k gold and rose gold vermeil. Our vermeil is plated in 3 microns of 18k gold or rose gold (as opposed to the industry standard of 10k gold / rose gold at 2.5 microns).  This means that the plating is of a thicker layer and higher quality.

Our founder and creative director Eliza designs all our pieces down to its intricate detail.  She continues to hand make jewellery in her studio by commission and via our Limited Edition Collection which is released at least once a year.  Our main production takes place in India, where we have built a strong partnership with local artisans who are true masters in their craft.  Our gemstones are hand-picked, expertly cut and polished especially for us, making it truly bespoke for each of our designs.

Ethical trading and sourcing is something as a company we feel strongly about.  Our gemstones are supplied by reputable mines and whose origins can be traced.  Our relationship with our suppliers are based on honesty, fairness, partnership and an understanding that we have to work together to help each other grow.  Together we provide only the best products and service to our customers.

Eliza has had an eye on crafts and jewellery since childhood. She is also an NHS health professional. As an Occupational Therapist working with people with physical disabilities, she supported them in regaining independence through arts and crafts as a means of expression and development of physical, cognitive and mental functions. Her belief in the therapeutic powers of creativity invigorated her passion for crafts leading her to set up her own studio. She continued her development in silversmithing for jewellery and stone setting at Central Saint Martins in London and via specialist courses.

She first started making jewellery as a young girl, by stringing together pieces of coral and sea shells she would pick up on the beach.   She says: "I would proudly wear them like they were the most precious things in the world.  Picking pieces of coral and finding an unbroken little piece of sea shell made me feel like I have found something so rare and the experience of putting them together personalised everything for me.  I guess this is the beauty of jewellery -- its value lies in the emotion, memories and sentiment it evokes."