Antique Rare Old European Cut Diamond Trilogy Ring 18k Gold | Engagement Ring


Transport yourself to an era of timeless elegance with our Vintage Old Cut Diamond Trilogy Ring—a mesmerizing piece that exudes charm and character.  

Old cut diamonds are highly prized and sought after.  Before advancements in diamond cutting, diamonds were hand cut by skilled diamond cutters.  The positioning of the facets were done by eye.  Modern cuts have a more standardised and geometric design.  It is this hand-finished look that makes old cut diamonds so appealing as a craftsman would have worked for hours cutting and polishing the diamond by hand.  This technique has been made obsolete by advancements in machinery and tools.

This ring is set in 18k yellow gold.  Trilogy rings symbolise the past, present and future and so are traditionally used as engagement rings.

US: 7 3/4
As these rings are rare and vintage, you may find that sometimes they don't come in the ring size that you are looking for. We suggest try wearing them on other fingers where they may fit. Alternatively we can offer a resizing service for a reasonable extra charge (please contact us directly). Most local jewellers also offer this service. Most rings can usually be resized 1-2 sizes up or down, depending on the design / condition.

Stones: 3 old cut round diamonds.  Each diamond measure approx 3.8mm to 4mm in size, totally approximately 0.7 carats

Weight: 2.2 grams

Hallmark: Stamped 18ct.  
Era: Est late Georgian / Early Victorian

Condition: Excellent

What I love about this ring: The old cut diamonds, of course!  The craftsmanship of days gone preserved in this beautiful ring.


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